KCl Storage Solution

Our advanced formula Meytec® KCl Storage Solution is designed for the storage and maintenance of your sensitive pH meter and pH probe electrode. Our KCl storage solution is designed to keep the pH electrode in optimal condition when stored. When a pH meter or pH probe is not in use, its sensitive glass pH electrode must be protected from drying.

Meytec® KCl Storage Solution is compatible with all brands and manufacturers of pH Meters and pH electrodes. We highly recommend the use of storage solution every time the pH probe or pH meter is put away for a while.

Tip: NEVER store your pH probe or pH meter in distilled water. This will permanently damage reference liquid inside the sensitive glass pH electrode.

What is KCl storage solution made from?

Generally speaking, KCl Storage Solution is made from a mixture of Potassium Chloride (KCl) and water. Usually the mixtures is around 3 mol/liter or 22.37 grams of potassium chloride per 100 mL of deionized or distilled water. Remember that Potassium Chloride is a potentially dangerous chemical and you should never attempt to make your own KCl solution.

Meytec® KCl Storage Solution is produced according to the highest standards, does not contain any other ingredients to avoid any contamination. Our production process is fully traceable, meaning we can trace back any batch for quality and inspection.

How does KCl Storage Solution work?

If you have taken a careful look to your pH meter or pH probe, you will have noticed that there is a gel inside. This gel, has the exact same mix as KCl Storage Solution. When you place your pH meter or pH electrode into the KCl Solution you are actually recharging the KCl reference solution that is inside your pH electrode. If you recharge your pH electrode regularly, you will get better pH measurements and a longer lifespan of your pH meter or pH probe.

KCl Storage Solution for pH meter

Your sensitive pH meter needs to be treated with care and respect. The glass pH electrode is the most sensitive part of your pH meter. Always clean your pH meter with clean water after each use and add a few drops of KCl storage solution to the protective cap. If the measurements of your pH meter are becoming unstable or incorrect, you can leave your pH meter in the KCl Storage solution for 48 hours.

KCl Storage Solution for pH electrode

Have you noticed that your pH electrode always comes with a protective cap, filled with a liquid? This liquid is KCl storage solution and it is there to keep your pH electrode in optimal condition when you are not using the probe. Always put the protective cap back on the pH probe when you are not using it. Make sure you fill the protective cap with KCl storage solution and that the entire pH electrode is covered.

KCl Storage Solution for ORP or Redox electrode

Our KCl Storage Solution is also suitable to store ORP Probe or Redox Probe. Compatible with any brand and manufacturer. Suitable for ORP probes with platinum tip and gold ORP probes. 

KCl Storage Solution storage

Always store your KCl storage solution in a dry and dark place, out of reach from children. Make sure you tighten the bottle before storing. When KCl storage solution dries, it might leave some crystals behind. Remove the crystals with a wet wipe and clean the wipe afterwards.

Our Meytec® Storage Solution is available in 250ml and is shipped throughout Europe.

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